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So you have there Chapter 1 for MY (What if the Demon Lord is the Hero) and a new project WT (The World Traveler) prologue.

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Help Wanted !!

As you can see the project is still not advancing from its prologue… Chapter 1 is already finish and have gone through editing and proof reading, but we (Me and Hamms) is withholding the  posting of chapter 1 until chapter 2 and 3 is finish… We have discussed and agreed to gain more help, to help in plotting,naming,characterizing ,description and drawing… Yes DRAWING (To add spice to the story).

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What if the Demon Lord is the Hero


“Human….. What will you get if this war ends?” a man wearing a robe of shadow ask.

“Peace”. A lone standing crimson haired warrior girl answers without the slightest hesitation.

The man laugh

“ Is that what you think would emerge from your victory of this war. Look at your surrounding”  the shadow said.

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